Advanced Specialist Dietitian  for Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating, Autism Spectrum Condition, ARFID & Sports Nutrition 


Paola Falcoski, MSc, Pg Dip, BSc (Hons), RD

Paola is an Advanced Specialist Eating Disorder Dietitian for children, adolescents and adults. She has worked in both inpatients and outpatient settings. She has a MSc in Community Health and she is trained in CBT, CBT-e, Motivational Interviewing, Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding and Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment for Emotional disorders in children and adolescent (UP-C).


She currently works at East London Foundation Trust Bedfordshire & Luton CAMHS Eating Disorders Team and Caraline, Eating Disorder Services - a charity based in Luton for 25 years who support individuals from 17 years old and above. She also works privately. 

She has a strong interest in research and has published articles and book chapters. 

She delivers training and lectures about both Eating Disorders and Sports Nutrition an supervise dietitians within ED practice.


  • Registered Dietitian

  • Health & Social Care Professionals Council registered - HCPC

  • British Dietitic Association - BDA member

  • MSc Community Health

  • Specialist in Sports Nutrition

  • Specialist in Eating Disorders

  • Specialist in Phytotherapy and culinary

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy trained (CBT-e)

  • Motivational Interviewing training

  • Sequential Oral Sensory Approach - SOS trained

  • Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorder in Children and Adolescent 


Treatment Sessions
in Private or in a Group



Treatments are individualized and a specific meal plan will be created for each client.

Groups can be formed under specific conditions.

I offer a one-to-one session in person or via Skype Phone/e-mail sessions are also available both in English and Portuguese.

Clients can contact me directly.

Workshops/ Presentations / Podcasts

  • Paola has delivered many workshops, lectures and training and has presented papers in several conferences




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