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My Services

Here are some details about some of the services I provide.

My Consultations

  • I offer private consultation

  • Depending on age and needs of the client, parents/carers may be involved in all sessions, join the sessions at the end, or have a follow up after the session to all ages

  • I also offer group sessions, both therapeutic and for food exposure

  • I accept self-referral or referral from other healthcare professionals

  • Building a multidisciplinary team is very helpful, and with your consent, I will communicate with the other healthcare professionals involved

  • I can also refer to other services if we feel you need further support in other areas

  • I am currently only offering online appointments

  • For fees, please contact me at the email below

Lecturing and Supervision

  • I offer training and lecture on Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating, Mental Health, Autism, Gut Health and Sport Nutrition

  • I offer supervision to Dietitians and health care professionals 

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